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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Query Letters I Love

There's this blog called Query Letters I Love that reprints excerpts of unsolicited (?) query letters to an anonymous movie executive. Rather than print query letters from blockbuster hits, the letters are for arguably bad movie plots, such as movies for evil midgets, varsity demon cheerleaders, and my personal favorite, Zombie Lawyers.

In between laughing at some of the ridiculous plot lines, I did have a serious thought as to the liability this guy has for posting the query letters. Perhaps the writer could claim copyright infringement or breach of contract/confidentiality. Maybe the writer will send Google's copyright agent (PDF) a DMCA takedown request (interestingly Blogger has not designated a copyright agent with the US Copyright Office). Hopefully, the writer will take the author of the blog's advice: "if one of these is your query, have a sense of humor, will ya? You're gonna need it in this town."

UPDATE 1/19/2005: Chilling Effects has a bunch of cease and desist/DMCA letters written to Google for Blogger posts.


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