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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Watch these guys for future IP infringement suits

Warning to TomorrowNow and its customers, Oracle is wathcing. TomorrowNow is a third party maintenance provider of PeopleSoft software. PeopleSoft is now a part of Oracle. And TomorrowNow was just bought by SAP, Oracle's bitter rival.

According to an eWeek article:

The intent of the acquisition is to provide maintenance support for users of applications by PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards & Co., which PeopleSoft acquired last year, while they migrate to SAP. (emphasis added)

The next paragraph quotes Oracle founder Larry Ellison:

"SAP has every right to provide support for PeopleSoft applications as long as they don't violate our intellectual and contractual property rights," Ellison said, in measured tones. "It might make it awkward for them. That's our intellectual property, and they should be cautious."

Translation: better call your lawyers before you start messing with our IP.

More eWeek coverage here.


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