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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Braylon Edwards and Cleveland Browns Ink Deal

Apparently, the contract hold up between Braylon Edwards and the Cleveland Browns was over the "Personal Services" clause of the contract. This according to dawgbones.com:

A personal services clause can be very lucrative to a team or a player. Last year rookie QB Ben Roethlisberger made around .5 million dollars in endorsement deals, no doubt a tidy little sum the Steelers would have liked to have. Edwards has been modeling and preparing himself for endorsement deals for a couple of years now and is not about to give up the potential money it will bring him to acquire more bling. Edwards was somewhat criticized this year at the NFL Draft for showing up wearing a 0,000 watch, hence the moniker 'bling king'.

From the Browns perspective they don't want to have a contract with say Reebok and then have Edwards out pimping Nike. The Browns could lose out on both ends, not having one of their most popular players promoting the team endorser and not getting any of the funds from deals struck by Edwards and his agent. Just think, all along everyone thought they were arguing over guaranteed money. Turns out there is a lot more money to be gained in the endorsement arena then on the football field.


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