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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vonage Quotes the MT Law Blog

Vonage quotes me here because of this post, and for the record I'm still impressed. I like the low flat rate price, unlimited local and long distance calling plus all of the included features such as voice mail, caller id and call forwarding. From time to time we get an annoying echo sound, but rebooting the router typically fixes the problem. If the bells don't get competitive with their pricing structure and packages, I can see a mass defection to VoIP services such as Vonage.


Blogger Carl said...

I think vonage has a serious problem. I tried to transfer my business phone number to vonage from Qwest, and Vonagey dropped the number on the transfer. My line was dead for almost two months and I lost over $8000 on client work. I've put the audit trail and correspondence out at:
http://www.netadventures.biz/vonageproblem. You can judge for yourself.

6:26 PM  

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