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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Article 29 Working Party Adopts Documents, Deems Israel and Andorra Adequate

The Article 29 Working Party started the new year with a volley of announcements. The Working Party document WP 165 states that Israel guarantees an adequate level of protection and WP 166 states that Andorra has adequate privacy protections. Additionally, the Working Party issued WP168 on “The Future of Privacy: Joint contribution to the Consultation of the European Commission on the legal framework for the fundamental right to protection of personal data.”

WP168 is a response to the Consultation by the European Commission asking for views on whether the EU’s current legal framework was satisfactory for the challenges posed by new technology and shifts in culture since the adoption of the EU Data Protection Directive in 1995. The Working Party, with the cooperation of the Working Party on Police and Justice, state that “the main principles of data protection are still valid despite the new technologies and globalisation.” However, the consultation also proposes that concepts of consent and transparency be clarified, additional principles such as privacy by design and accountability be adopted, bureaucratic burdens be simplified, and that fundamental rights be unified to apply to police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters. This document suggest the direction that European Data Protection is likely to take in the near future.


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