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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Work for hire negotiation

This post on photoblacklist.com shows the back and forth "negotiation" between a photographer and the alternative lifestyle pinup girl site Suicide Girls (SG) over work made for hire. The e-mail correspondence centers on who owns the copyright of the photos, the photographer or SG. SG's contract says they own the copyright. The photographer counters with a license for unlimited web usage and a one year printed publication license. SG counters that the contract is non-negotiable (and signs the e-mail with an xoxo). End of negotiation.

Oh, and SG is only offering $100 if they like the photos, and an extra $100 if the photographer preps the set. Considering what the photographer is giving up, that's not a whole lot of money. I suppose those just starting out in photography will sign the contract for "exposure." Ultimately, it's the decision of the photographer if he is willing to settle on SG's terms.


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