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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board 2007 Report

The Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board recently released its report (PDF) to Congress on the Board's major activities during the preceding year. The Board's conclusions regarding Anti-terrorism policies and programs will probably be scrutinized and discussed:

Based upon its review, the Board has concluded that the Executive Branch’s conduct of these surveillance activities appropriately considers and reasonably protects the privacy and civil liberties of U.S. Persons. As a result of the new FISA Court Orders, the highly regimented Executive Branch process of justification, review, approval, and auditing has been further augmented by court supervision. This provides reasonable assurance that national security and privacy and civil liberties interests are appropriately balanced. The Board found no evidence or reasonable basis to believe that the privacy and civil liberties of U.S. Persons are improperly threatened or impinged under the surveillance conducted by the Executive Branch, either under the TSP or subsequently under the new FISC Orders. In the opinion of the Board, it appears that the officials and personnel who were involved in conducting the TSP, and who now are responsible for implementing surveillance under the FISC Orders, are significantly aware and respectful of U.S. Constitutional and legal rights and protections for U.S. Persons, and they are actively committed to protecting privacy and civil liberties of U.S. Persons in conducting such surveillance.

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