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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Logo Rip-Offs?

Bad Design Kills has posted a page which claim that LogoWorks.com and LogoWorks owned InstaLogo.com has "riped-off" the logos of various sources. Bad Design Kills says it posted the alleged LogoWorks rip-offs "for no other reason then to educate the public in regards to online hack-design service." According to Bad Design Kills, they have been threatened with lawsuits by Arteis (note: not a link to the Arteis website), LogoWorks and InstaLogo's parent company. I imagine that the owners of the ripped-off logos will or have likewise contacted Arteis.

In this HOW Design message forum, a LogoWorks designer states that:

I admit that there were some morons who used stolen work to get profits on LogoWorks. They already have been banned. LogoWorks took the images offline. I believe LogoWorks from now on will have less designers and more strict control on the work done. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out.

Hat tip: Boing Boing

Makes you wonder whether the Yakety Yak logo was designed by LogoWorks. (Tounge-in-cheek)



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